Kalahari.net DVD release: Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson is definitely back, but that doesn't really say a lot. At best, 'Edge of darkness' ('Edge of stupidity' could also have worked) manages to keep you slightly entertained, but something about it just seems horribly second rate.

Maybe it's due to the fact that the ensemble cast, which includes an out-of-place and slightly inaudible British actor, have no sense of onscreen chemistry. Or maybe it's because the movie's plot seems like something taken directly from a really bad Steven Segal movie?

The movie's very cheesy soundtrack and weird moments of unnecessary silence does not help either. Maybe director Martin Campbell was thinking he was skilled enough to pull this off... sadly, no, this doesn't seem to be the case.

Nevertheless, Gibson does a commendable job with the little he has to work with (even though Gibson himself is turning into a bit of a lunatic), making the movie not entirely impossible to watch if you have loads of spiked Coca-Cola to help you through it.

See, even Mel can't believe this bull was a hit at the box office!

Ranking: 2 Meerkat Tails (Add half a tail if action movies are your favourite movie genre)


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