Kalahari.net New Release on DVD Review: Toy Story 3

With two highly acclaimed prequels looming in the shadows, Toy Story 3 had a huge legacy it had to live up to (and even surpass to a certain extent) to be able to reach the same glorious film heights.

Fans and Toy Story newbies alike will however be glad to hear that the film is just as spectacular, inspiring and masterfully paced as both its predecessors. The final installment also benefits from an interesting plot line that helps to bring the movie to its natural poetic conclusion.

A long list of A-list actors once again imbues the movie with an undeniable sense of charm and emotional depth, giving the film more resonance that one would expect. Interesting new additions to the cast, that includes a evil strawberry-smelling bear, a Ken doll and even a creepy Baby doll give the movie a welcome sense of diversity and a true epic quality.

Highlight: Buzz's spacesuit undergoes a 'minor' malfunction, leading to some seriously hilarious translation issues between him and the rest of the gang.

Buzz and Woody epitomize what it means to be truly loyal to one's friends. A universally valuable lesson indeed.
Ranking: 4-and-half Meerkat Tails


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