Look & Listen DVD spotlight: Kick-Ass (2010)

Kick-ass is an awesome visual punch in the groin, as characters are continuously and gloriously beaten to a pulp to great cinematic success. This distinctly authentic take on the superhero genre spoils its audience with a refreshing departure from the formulaic approach used by the last few year's constant stream of new additions to the genre.

This results in an unexpected, but thrilling ride that seems to get to the core of what it means to be a real-life modern superhero. The movie could however have benefited from a more convincing performance by its lead, but this is easily forgiven in the greater scheme of things.

In-between all of the bloodshed, you might also find the movie's focus on some interesting themes like responsible parenting; dedication to a cause; mankind's never-ending thirst for recognition and other more subtle philosophical nudges quite enlightening.

The movie is also surprisingly funny, which will make it easier for more squeamish movie-goers to digest the movie's numerous ultra-violent scenes. Not the most accessible movie, but those who are willing to get a few bloodstains on their capes won't be disappointed.

Responsible parenting 101: Teach your children to defend themselves. 

Ranking: 4 Meerkat Tails


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