M-Net Monday night Drama Review - Gifted hands: The Ben Carson story

As far as biographical drama's go, there's not a lot that one can fault 'Gifted hands: The Ben Carson story' for. While this statement might sound like an attempt at actually complimenting the film, it is actually intended as a cleverly disguised insult: You see, director Thomas Carter plays it so safe, (by means of a very one-dimensional protagonist, a predictable plot as well as the inclusion of many other genre staples) that the movie quickly becomes very tedious to watch.

Don't get me wrong, Cuba Gooding Jr. is perfectly suited for the role (referring to more than just his acting skills) of a black neurosurgeon that redefines his profession, but for some reason Cuba just seems too comfortable here, playing yet another 'under-confident character that learns to overcome his weaknesses caused by a broken past'.

Carter seems to like movies that revolve around themes of social oppression, a flimsy hero and a soppy, inspiring ending (Coach carter, Save the last dance etc.). While there's nothing wrong with this, it just seems as though more could have been done to give the film a bit of extra meat and depth.

Those who love these type of movies (Pursuit of Happiness is a great example), will find a lot to enjoy, but more demanding film-goers might leave the cinema longing for something a bit more juicy.

Ok wait, will the real Ben Carson please stand up?

Rating: 2-and-half Meerkat Tails


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