M-Net Monday night Drama: Adam

Even at its worst moments, 'Adam' gives its viewer an interesting take on the world of people with mental disabilities, mainly due to its focus on a less well known form of mental retardation, known as Asperger's Syndrome - a mental disease that hampers one's social skills dramatically, as well as the ability to express one's emotions clearly.

At its best however, Adam is surprisingly honest and acted with supreme sensitivity. What is even more heartening is director's Max Mayer's ability to prevent the film from going down the route of melodrama, something that happens very often in movies that focus on a very real and serious form of disability.

In fact, Adam (played with excellent style by High Dancy) manages to become a type of symbol for man's constant sense of disconnectedness with those close to him, even though we continuously struggle to function without the affection of other human beings. This thick thread of irony is cleverly spun and developed as the movie progresses, rounded off beautifully by a unpredictable but honest ending.

While the movie isn't perfect (pacing could have been better and a stronger soundtrack could have done wonders), Adam delivers its agenda so effectively that you're sure to ponder its applicability on your own life long after the credits have rolled.

Social awkwardness 101.

Rating: 3-and-a-half Meerkat Tails


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