Review: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

To say I was blown away by this movie is an understatement. The first 5 minutes already indicated that I was either going to hate this movie or adore it to bits. The latter option went into full swing by halfway through this ridiculously entertaining movie. 

Werner Herzog (not very well-known) tells the story of a morally skew and crack addicted police Lieutenant in New Orleans. What follows is excellent humour, amazing and flawless plot unravelling and all other things that makes a movie great. 

The biggest surprise however lies in Cage's performance, whom has been cursed by horrible film choices for the last few years. Cage is brutally fantastic as the protagonist, playing his role with so much conviction that I could swear Cage was playing himself. Eva Mendes surprises again, with Val Kilmer an co delivering great supporting roles. 

One of my favourite movies of the last decade and one of the most entertaining things i've seen since Kill Bill. You have to see this is you're into weirdly wonderful movies.

Cage contemplates who he's going to fuck up next.
Rating: 4 and-a-half Meerkat Tails


  1. I've heard a lot of positives on this one. I need to add it to the queue and check it out. Great review! Thanks for recommending it! Best, Joel

  2. If you only see it for the sake of erasing some of Cage's bad film choices of the last few years from your memory, than it's time well spent.


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