Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drive Angry 3D

Some films prefer to keep things simple by not overcomplicating stuff with intense character studies, longwinded scenes of dialogue and over-dramatized screenplays. Drive Angry 3D is one of those films that chooses to focus on only a few things, namely sex, cars, blood, lame bar jokes, guns and sub themes of demonic intervention and the power of family bonds.

Whilst this might seem like a recipe for ultimate disaster and extreme cheesiness, it all comes together quite beautifully, much like a well planned sex orgy. Director Patrick Lusser (My Bloody Valentine, White Noise 2) uses an interesting strategy in this gory funfest, decidinng to give the plot's background story a noticible backseat. This technique works suprisingly well, as it imbues this action blockbuster with a great sense of mystery till the end. You never really understand everything that's taking place, which keeps you guessing (and laughing) till the end.

In the driving seat is a man who is no stranger to risky films: Nicholas Cage (Adaptation, Matchstick men, Bad Leuatentant). Cage has gained a reputation for fluctuating between huge film successess and massive cinema misses. Drive Angry 3D however utilizes his knack for the weird and off-beat, resulting in a memorable lead character that takes no shit from anyone (dead or alive). Two very powerful antagonists share the stage, one a powerful demon known simply as 'The Accountant', played with utmosts skill by William Fichtner (The Dark Knight, Blades of Glory and Equilibrium) and the other a devil worshipping preacher, also played quite amazingly by Billy Burke (Twilight, Fracture, Along came a spider). But don't fret, inbetween all the testosterone is a deliberae sprinkle of sexy and feistiness in the from of sexual interest, Amber Heard (Zombieland, Never back down). Between these four actors, a wonderfully funny and exciting conflict is born and played out, helping the film accelarate forward at an exhillarating speed.

"Drive Angry 3D is one of those films that chooses to focus on only a few things, namely sex, cars, blood, lame bar jokes, guns and sub themes of demonic intervention and the power of family bonds."

Special mention must be given to the fantastic and extremely fitting old school rock soundtrack that gives the film a great sense of atmosphere as well as an added level of authenticity. The soundtrack is also surprisingly catchy and you should find it hard not to start tapping your feet (or some other musical appreciation gesture) halfway through this entertaining ride.

But all of this pales in comparison to the film's biggest sell: Glorious, intense and gory 3D effects. Not only does Drive Angry 3D have some of the most jolting 3D effects that I have seen, but they also are well placed and used sparingly enough to stay very high on level of effect. The 3D is used masterfully to accentuate the extreme graphic nature and over-the-top action sequences of the film, a fact that fans of unjustified bloodshed is sure to appreciate.

To sum up, Drive Angry does what it sets out to do (namely to be damn entertaining) quite magnificetly. Squeemish movie goers who prefer substance over style should however take a detour around this blockbuster, but those who don't mind a bit of unserious fun will find themselves begging for a sequel.

Cage has been through a lot by this point in the film, but more hell-raising is yet to follow...

Highlight: There are many, but there is one particular scene that is likey to stick with you for weeks... Let's just say it gives new meaing to multi-tasking.

Rating: 3 Meerkat tails

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