Horrible Bosses

It's not very often that I go the trouble of watching a comedy at the cines, but when I saw the trailer for Horrible Bosses about a month ago, I convinced myself to make an exception. Why? I suspect it was because of the expectation set by the formidable, but unlikely comedic cast that includes Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Collin Farrell. Still, I was quite a bit sceptical about how this would all play out...

In the end, I was delighted to find myself thoroughly entertained, as the weird mismatch of a cast actually manages to deliver a surprisingly funny onscreen ensemble performance. Spacey plays the role of the 'asshole employer' brilliantly, as you quickly start to recognise his features to your own dismay and enjoyment. Farrell, on the other hand, makes for a very believable coke addict, whilst Aniston embodies the role of the 'slightly whacked, sex-crazed hot boss'. 

Completing the cast is a group of unfairly treated employees, played by Jason Bateman (Arrested Development), Jason Sudeikis (Hall Pass, What happens in Vegas) and Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Whilst the trio might remind you of the very funny Hangover cast and therefore, also feel like a bit of an imitation thereof, you'll find their humour to be a breed of its very hilarious own as you root for them on their ridiculous, but justified pursuit at professional happiness. Their proven knack for slightly off-beat, dry humour mashes up well with those of their corporate superiors, resulting in some wonderfully amusing confrontations.

“…you'll find their humour to be a breed of its very hilarious own as you root for them on their ridiculous, but justified pursuit at professional happiness.”

But as you should well know, a comedy with a capable cast is nothing without some sharp and witty dialogue and it is in this area that Horrible Bosses truly shines. The comedy here feels fresh, clever and almost totally gimmick-free, which is saying a lot when it comes to modern comedies! The slapstick is also kept to a delightful minimum in terms of mainstream comedy standards.

With all the praise there is to be given for the film's great comedic timing, also comes a bit of criticism: The plot, which you learn to accept as being a bit over the top, does become a bit muddy and disjointed as the cast's stories begin to merge into one big storyline clutter. Nevertheless, it's quite easy to forgive this, as the laugh out loud funny moments just keep coming.

Horrible Bosses probably won't reach fame levels of certain similar comedies before it, but as a night out with friends where you just want to forget about your troubles at work and laugh at those of others, it works quite stunningly. Be warned though – Horrible Bosses can be delightfully rude from time to time, so leave your sensitive views at the refreshments stand.

Jennifer Aniston plays the role of an employer very willing to ‘share’ in Horrible Bosses.

Highlights: 1. When Collin Farrell asks his employee to get rid of some employees, by 'Trimming the fat'. 2. A police questioning gone wrong.

Rating: 3-and-a-half out of 5 Meerkat tails


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