Puss in Boots (3D)

Spin-offs are a risky affair which can either pay off in spades or lead to an annoying mob of disgruntled movie franchise fans. The answers to important questions like “How similar do we keep the spin-off?”, “How much of the original cast should return?” and so forth always has a huge impact on the new venture’s success. In the case of ‘Puss in Boots’, director Chris Miller (Shrek 4, Shrek 3, Shrek 2) seems to have had all the right answers, as his latest addition to the Shrek legacy is just as funny, enchanting and moving as the best of the franchise.

The decision to let only one of the main cast members return for this outing might seem like cinematic suicide, but fans will be pleased to hear that their favourite feline hero (played by Antonia Banderas) more than fills up his over-sized boots. Joining him is Salma Hayek (Grown-ups, After the sunset, Frida) as ‘Kitty Softpaws’, a sexy feline seductress that has more than a few cards to play and Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Due Date, Up in the Air) as the very yolky ‘Humpy Dumpty’ – Add to this list Amy Sedaris and Billy Bob Thornton as the notorious ‘Jack & Jill’ and you’ve got enough star appeal for three additional full-length follow-ups.

"... enough star appeal for three additional full-length follow-ups."

 The cast successfully balances a powerful combination of hilarious comedy and moving emotional developments, resulting in a film that will have you crying one moment from uncontrollable bursts of laughter and the next from deeply touching displays of emotion.  Add to the mix an undeniable sense of charm by means of an impressive visual style and you have a movie that will surely delight both young and old.

Miller’s latest also benefits from the same sense of ‘wow’ as the Shrek films, making it clear that the franchise still has a lot to kick left in it. Add to this the success of Puss in Boots at the box office and raving reviews from critics and you’ll soon realise that another spin-off is almost guaranteed...  I can’t wait!

Cute, but deadly.
Highlight: Humpty Dumpty is quite the little criminal mastermind and a flashback later in the movie surprised me with one of the funniest film moments I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in a theatre.Rating: Meerkat Tails


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