21 Jump Street

I'm not a fan of Channing Tatum at all and the fact that I'm even writing a review about a movie that he stars in is proof alone of how awesome the rebooted version of 21 Jump Street is.

It's a simple premise: Two former high school nobodies, one a brainless jock and the other a clueless loser reunite after getting signed up for a undercover drug investigation as recently graduates of their local police academy. Back at school, they get themselves into a series of quite ridiculous, but consistently hillarious situations, as they realize that a lot has changed since when they were kids – including people's tolerance of certain stereotypes and total embrace of others.

Jonah and Tatum make for a greatly ridiculous bromance. 
It all sounds  like very formulaic teen movie makings, which it is, but by the time the plot kicks into high gear, you won't notice at this at all as you'll be too busy laughing your socks and skeptiscims right off. There's a great balance between American Pie style stupid slapstick and intelligently off-beat Juno-like humour, with a capable ensemble cast that serve as the perfect vehicles for a varied array of jokes.

The bromance combo of Jonah Hill and Tatum really does work exceptionally well, each utilising a very different approach to comedy that works equally hillariously. Directors Phill Lord and Chris Miller has done a stand up job when it comes to the comedic timing and you're sure to be laughing harder as the duo gets closer  to unmasking the high school drug syndicate.

There's even a very unexpected and strange cameo that most movie fans are sure to appreciate.

All in all, 21 Jump Street is a highly accessible, very funny and feel good comedy that will be sure to make you recall memories of one of the worst or best parts of your life.

Highlight: I have to admit that I enjoyed Tatum even more than Hill in this one. The ex jock's turn to geekdom was especially hilarious to me.


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