M-Net Movies Marathon Competition

I'm not at all a competition fanatic, but when I heard that M-Net movies was arranging one, I knew I simply had to be a part of it. So, after writing my detailed motivation of why I should be chosen to take part, I waited with bated breath to hear if I my application would be accepted. And to the greatest of joy, I was indeed chosen as one of the 8 contestants to take part in the Sandton leg of this national competition.
I must confess that I was extremely impressed by the entire set-up when I arrived at Sandton city the day of the competition.

Each of the eight contestants would watch one of the brand new M-Net Movies channels on DSTV for a full 24 hours period. This, of course, taking place in complete movie going comfort, with each contestant watching their films on a very comfortable reclining couch and from a beautiful Samsung LED television set. Contestants would also have designated assistants to make sure that always have fueled with the best of movie going treats. Oh, and for those wondering, you do also get a few bathroom breaks in order to ensure no contestants experience discomfort during the competition.

Movie channels were chosen at random and I must admit, there were two channels I were dreading most: the showcase and family channel. As Murphy would have it, I ended up choosing the family channel. If you read my blog regularly,  you would have noticed that I don't ever review family movies and this is mostly because I really can't stomach the average overly soppy film about a talking animal. With the fear of having to watch Free Willy firmly in my mind, I bravely approached my couch to see what cruel destiny fate has brought upon me.To my elated surprise however, the new family channel was not as horrible as I was expecting it to be. In fact, I only had to struggle through one film about a talking animal (Black Beauty) and this alone was a stupendous victory for M-Net in my mind. Some of the films I had to watch included classic as well as blockbusters like Titanic, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Something's gotta give and Three to tango. 

To be frank, I was however very surprised (and a bit confused) to see some of these films showing on the family channel. Whilst Muppets in Space makes perfect sense on a family channel, I couldn't really justify why a film like Chain of Fools (2000), a black comedy about suicide and assassinations was showing. Not that I am complaining –  it was unexpected gems like these that elevated the whole experience for me. I guess I do need to consider the the time when these movies were playing, namely between 2 and 6 in the morning – even on a channels titled family, you can get away with a few more raunchier movies if it shows during an unorthodox timeslot. Nevertheless, I was very impressed with the sheer variety of movies being shown on the channel and my negative preconceptions about the family channel were shown to be unfounded and premature.

With 7 of the 8 contestants surviving the marathon without falling asleep, it was down to a movie trivia round to decide the ultimate winner. Unfortunately my fatigued mind let me down in the final stretch, but I truly believe the best man won. In summary, the M-Net movie marathon competition was one of those rare, once in a lifetime experiences that I was truly blessed to be a part of. Big ups to the organisers for a professional event that I will fondly remember for the rest of my life.

The back of my seat, detailing my entry for the M-Net Movies Marathon Competition.


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