Baby Driver

I’ll forgive you if the name, ‘Edgar Wright’ does not immediately conjure up any specific movies (it didn’t for me either). Let me help a bro out – Edgar Wright is the director of films such as ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Tintin’. I’m actually a little bit sad that I didn’t know this before I went to watch Wright’s latest film, as I think it would have had an overall positive impact on my perception of the film. Nevertheless, I am happy to declare that Baby Driver is a marvellous outing, which will delight due its quirky strangeness and simultaneously exhilarate thanks to its constant intensity.  

If I had to identify a standout aspect of the film, it would have to be the film’s addictive sense of cool: There’s a highly engaging ebb and flow to Baby Driver that is a joy to experience and Wright takes his time to develop a sweet rhythm that will make it difficult not to fall in love with this film. An interesting use of a hip and funky soundtrack is partly to blame for Baby Driver’s infectious sense of coolness, as you’re likely to have your head bopping subconsciously at least halfway through the film.

"There’s a highly engaging ebb and flow to Baby Driver that is a joy to experience." 

But, at heart of Baby Driver’s enthralling nature lies stellar performances by an amazing ensemble cast: But else would you expect with a cast such as Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey? The show is however stolen by the title character, played by Ansel Elgort in a role that seems like it was made for him. Elgort is probably best known for his role in ‘Fault in our Stars’ and here, Elgort once again proves that he has a great knack for playing slightly awkward, but intriguing characters. For most of the film, you’ll find yourself with an awkward grin on your face, as you try to understand and process Elgort’s arb and sometimes uncomfortable behaviour. But, for every moment of awkwardness, there is a complementary moment of ‘Oh Snap!’, as Elgort flawlessly and constantly shifts between downright oddness and enticing suaveness.   

You don't want to get on the wrong side of this weirdo, believe me. 
Elgort’s constant shifts in demeanour are furthermore complemented by the overall film’s very own masterful shift between seriousness and goofiness. It’s in this quality that you’re most likely to recognise a resemblance to some of Elgort’s other standout films – Elgort once again shows off his knack for creating hybrid films that are as tense as they are hilarious. In Baby Driver, you are treated to both gorgeous looking action sequences and laugh-out-loud moments of intelligent dialogue – what more can a film junkie ask for?

Baby Driver is one of those almost perfect films that will provide any type of film goer with something to appreciate and hopefully, even love. Don’t be fooled by Baby Driver’s happy-go-lucky exterior (as presented by the trailers) though – there’s a lot of layers to peel off here and the process results in an exhilarating journey that you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon.  

Highlight: Basically any scene where Elgort is lip-syncing. 


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